Hot, Warm and Cold Forging Press Lines

//Hot, Warm and Cold Forging Press Lines
  • 400 to 2500 Tons Knuckle Joint drive presses for high volume hot, warm, cold forged parts for hand tools, automotive parts, motorcycles, bicycles, trains, ships, hardware parts etc.
  • Extra rigid frames for low deformation.
  • Large Clutch / Brake units for high speed forging.
  • Integrated with billet shearing, heaters, shape rolling units, transfer systems, robotic systems etc.

FP Series Hot,Cold and Warm Forging Presses Specifications;

  • The upward and downward material-topping design can reduce the inclination of mold cavity to minimize material consumption and save on materials.
  • Strong start-up force ensures high production efficiency.
  • High-speed travel between forging materials and molds can extend the serving life of molds.
  • The travel specification of machine are different from traditional ones, and the length of travel can be increased to facilitate processing of various forgings.
  • The operation winds installed at both sides of the machine frame can facilitate the transmission of forgings and enable automatic pressing operation.
  • The box-type machine frame features rigid structure that is ideal for cold, warm or hot forging operations and turn out high-precision forgings.
  • High production efficiency, simple operation, easy maintenance and low production cost.
  • The transmission system boasts a special design that can help reduce noise pollution.
  • Aspecial design to tackle mold-stickking conditions can make molds return to their normal state for easy operation.
  • The double-guide design promise great strength of inclination, allow heavy eccentric load and enables multi-forging operations to work out precision forgings.
  • The centralized lubricated system can reduce frictions among vvaried machined parts.
  • Multiple safety operations circuit system assures the safety of operations.
  • Precision fitted CNS specification.

JKP Knuckle Joint Cold Forging Press Specifications;

  • The machine is suitable for processing forgings needed in hand tools, autos, motorcycles, bicycles, trains, ships, machine tools, textile machines, woodwork machines, hardware parts, etc.
  • The joining of can with the shaft utilizes conic ring to facilitate adjustment of can angle. Scales are engraved on the surface can, which can be used to adjust the angle as desired.
  • The joining of ejector lateral shaft with the rocker utilizes conic ring, where the fastening force of conic-ring belt is used as safety device, such as when there is overload, the sliding off of conic ring is used to protect the ejector mechanism.