Mini- Servo Feeder with Straightener

//Mini- Servo Feeder with Straightener

With Our Mini-Servo Feeder with Straighteners’ Feasible Design to Mount On Press Chassis Provides an Opportunity to Minimize the Mold Distance and Eliminates the Need for Extra Guiding Unit.

Our RML Model‘s Special Design and Plotting Specification, Works Perfectly and Integrated with Any Kind of Molds. Besides, Provides Great Advantage for The Molds to Use for Longer-Life.


  • Coil Feeding and Straightening
  • Roller Group – Gear Transmission
  • Servo Motorized with Reducers
  • Adjustable Working Speed
  • Operating from Touchscreen Panel
  • 50 Different Feeding Lengths
  • Multiple External Outputs
  • Press Control Automation System
  • Mold Memory System
  • Mold Protection System
  • Mold Lubrication System
  • Encoder