Servo Feeder Solutions

//Servo Feeder Solutions
Servo Feeder Solutions

Our Servo Feeder Models are Being Produced at desired Coil Widths According to the Project Requirements, alongside to be used as Sheet/Plate Feeder by adding Auxiliary Equipment.

Our RMC Model Cased Servo Feeders has a Working Capacity of 300mm to 1600mm Coil Width and 0.4mm to 3mm Thickness.

This Model Can also be Used as a Sheet/Plate Feeder with Other Auxiliary Equipment.


  • Servo Feeding System – Trigger & Reducer
  • Roller Group – Gear Transmission
  • Doubled Pulling Rollers
  • High Performance Working Speed
  • Operating from Touchscreen Panel
  • 50 Different Feeding Lengths
  • Multiple External Outputs
  • Press Control Automation System
  • Mold Memory System
  • Mold Protection System
  • Mold Lubrication System
  • Encoder