Servo Feeder with Straightener System

//Servo Feeder with Straightener System

Servo Feeder with Straightener Systems, In Addition to Provide the Combination of Feeding and Straightening,  Also Enables the Opportunity to Work Fast and Precise at High Performance Press Machines.

Our RMS Series Servo Feeder with Straightener Sytem sare Specially Designed with 3 Separate Models, According to the Material , Thickness and Width : RMS-9 / RMS-11/ RMS-12

Our Servo Feeder with Straightener Systems Offers Precise and Fast Solutions which are used in Many Fields in Metal Processing Industry.


  • Roller Group – Gear Transmission
  • Straightening Adjustment / Accurate Positioning
  • Coil Routing Platform
  • Coil Bending Arm
  • Automatic Mold Height Adjustment
  • 50 Different Feeding Lengths
  • Multiple External Outputs
  • Press Control Automation System
  • Mold Memory System
  • Mold Protection System
  • Mold Lubrication System
  • Encoder