Suspended Ceiling Production Line

//Suspended Ceiling Production Line

Suspended Ceiling Production Lines are Specially Designed to Produce Suspended Ceiling Panels from Coil Sheet to Desired Size, Ceiling Type, Perforation Type and Production Capacity.

With our R&D and Design Strength, We are able to offer Metal Suspended Ceiling Systems with Various Usage Areas; Standard Clip-In, Lay-In, Lay-On Models. Also These Lines are Suitable for Production with Special Models and Dimensions According to Our Customer’s Inquiries.

Suspended Ceiling Line Consist of:

  • Decoiler Sytem
  •  Feeding System
  •  Press & Mold ( Perforation Pattern)
  •  Shear System
  •  Straightener Unit
  •  Press & Mold ( Notching & Bending)