Zigzag Feeding System

//Zigzag Feeding System

Zigzag Servo Feeding System, Which Moves in Two Axes (X And Y), Is Specifically Preferred for Minimum Waste at Perimeter/Flake Cutting Processes.

Its Body Structure Design Enables to Easily Adapt to All Kinds of Press Machines.

Zigzag Feeding System Consists of Decoiler, Straightener and Two Axis Movable Feeding Units.

Our Custom-Made Design of Zigzag System Provides an Opportunity to Work Compatibility with All Kinds of Press Machines.


  • Hydraulic / Mechanical Decoiler
  • Hydraulic Loading Car
  • Automatic Coil Centering System
  • Upper and Lower Pressure Arm ( Hydraulic / Pneumatic )
  • Coil Routing Platform and Bending Arm
  • Openable Straightener Roller Group
  • Automated Straightening / Servo System
  • Loop Control / Laser Sensor
  • Gear Transmission / High Performance
  • Servo Motorized Axis Control ( Y & Z Axis )
  • Double Pulling Rollers